Compliance – Privacy

29 March 2012

Internal processes compliant with regulations

Regulatory requirements, operational risks, impacts of the human factor,… The everyday reality requires legally correct, smooth and well-thought processes.

In order to develop a reliable legal fame, we enter into the heart of your business. We learn to know you, to understand your company, to implement efficient procedures – with a view to efficient consultancy in the long term.

Privacy compliance – How to proceed?

The question is not easy considering the mass of potentially applicable legal rules and the growing organizational complexity of the processing of personal data (outsourcing, cloud computing, data transfers outside the European Economic Area).

That’s why we developed a 3-steps program:

Audit  – « quick scan »
At a first stage, a dedicated multidisciplinary team (legal, marketing, IT) will take the requested interviews with a view to systematic collection of the facts.

The analysis of the results will subsequently allow to:

  • map the non-conformity risks;
  • suggest a road book containing the short-, medium- and long-term actions.

If you wish so, we can support you at a second stage in the implementation of the suggested steps (legal, organization, procedures).

In order to maintain the achieved conformity level, we suggest updating it periodically.