Contracts – Daily business

29 March 2012

Legal advice is much more than drawing up clauses

A contract will only work if each party sees its interest. That’s why, before any drafting, we want to understand your reasoning:

  • Which are your objectives? Your expectations?
  • Which advantage do you want to gain from it?
  • Which pitfalls do you want to avoid?

Protection of the process

The issue of the risks arises at the very beginning:

  • How are your quotes built?
  • Who does draw up the quotes? Who does approve these?
  • How is the follow-up organized?

Drafting and negotiation of contracts

A contract is only likely to succeed if each party understands its terms and motives. That’s why we stay at your side during the negotiation in order to:

  • Understand together the range of flexibility you have.
  • Imagine and defend together bearable rules of the game.

We help you establish a « win-win » strategy and set out the appropriate legal frame.

Examples of interventions

Do your salespersons draw up the quotes and contracts by themselves? Often case by case and according to their feeling? Would you like to secure these quotes and contracts with a view to a better control of your commitments?
LCM secures your contracts: drafting of standard contracts, interaction and training of the sales representatives, individual contractual reviews,…

You are about to enter into the contract of the century? You are afraid that the other party could be scared off because of too restrictive clauses? You nevertheless want to cover your back?
LCM helps you to structure, negotiate and draw up your special contracts in a « win-win » spirit