LCM’s assets

29 March 2012

What makes us different? HOW we organize our interventions

We defend your interests as if it were ours. We are much more than just obeying orders, we really learn to know your activity.

Our preparatory work reduces the expensive intervention of experts. We adapt our actions to the size of your company and to your budget.

German? French? English? We manage domestic and international projects and always work in the language of our points of contact.

A structured legal intervention

We manage your legal project from A to Z or intervene at key moments:

  1. Diagnostic: legal analysis of the existing situation and the projects, determination of the legal risks inherent in these projects.
  2. Proposal of action plan: creation of a detailed overview of the steps requested to compensate for the identified risks – determination of «who does what and by when».
  3. Implementation of the action plan: drafting of legal documents, participation in negotiations of contracts, project management and regular reporting.
  4. Follow-up & training.
  5. Electronic filing of the documents received and processed.